A Change For Sharing America


Greetings Readers!

Sharing America is changing. Now that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant period has come to an end, we’re transforming in a way we hope will benefit the St. Louis region, where we are based, and audiences of member stations around the country. Stay tuned!

Grant-funded collaborations sometimes end with the ending of the jobs reporters were hired to do under the grant. One of the great things about Sharing America is that everyone still has a job.

Vanessa de la Torre earned a promotion at Connecticut Public in Hartford, Michelle Tyrene Johnson continues to report for KCUR in Kansas City (adding talk show producing and hosting duties) and Andrea Henderson continues to report for St. Louis Public Radio (and will train as a backup newscaster). When Ashley Lisenby departed St. Louis to join her fiance, she remained in the public media family — landing at WAMU in Washington D.C.

Erica Morrison is departing OPB in Portland, but it’s because she found a great new opportunity; i.e. not because her position would cease to be funded. In fact, OPB will seek to fill the position Erica leaves behind to continue the station’s coverage of race and changing demographics in the Portland area and across Oregon and parts of Washington.

Yours truly remains as an editor at St. Louis Public Radio.

Basically, Sharing America (mostly) accomplished a key goals of the collaboration: Hire and retain great journalists of color.

Another important goal of the collaboration was great storytelling that puts people of color at the center of narratives about race, identity and culture and brings their voices to airwaves and digital platforms, where they have been sorely lacking. We invite you to peruse the more than 130 articles here on our website!

Going forward, I’ll be curating and sharing great content about race identity and culture from around the country — including work from our original reporters.

Best Wishes, Holly Edgell

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