This Woman Finds Life In Oregon Exhausting. Here’s Why

Photo: Jeff Hintzman | Flickr

Back in 2017, OPB spoke with the activist and creator Luann Tan about the complexities and challenges of being a Filipino-American woman in the very white state of Oregon.

“I’ve been asked if I’m Thai or Latina or another Southeast Asian ethnicity. Hawaiian, I’ve also been asked,” she told OPB more than two years ago. “That’s not something I’ve ever really experienced, not back in California.”

Now she’s leaving.

Tan came to Portland to finish her undergraduate degree at Portland State University in 2009. She stayed and earned her master’s degree while working for some of the city’s social justice grassroots organizations.

But her experience feeling disconnected – like an outsider – continued. Check out the full story.

By Erica Morrison, OPB

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