Q&A: Why Latinos Need More Therapists Like Them


Latinos seek help for mental health issues at half the rate of non-Hispanic whites. Yet when they do, as with other people of color in Kansas City, they can have more difficulty finding providers with a similar cultural background.

Melanie Arroyo is a licensed counselor and art therapist at the Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare. She is Mexican American and her clientele comes from a variety of backgrounds, but most of them are from Latino communities. Arroyo says there’s a cultural reluctance about seeking help.

ARROYO: “There are the internal or social barriers, so that looks more like, el ‘que diran’ — what will people think or say — if they find out that I’m seeing a therapist. And there’s also this notion that therapy is for the locos. And I try to tell my clients, I let them know therapy is not for locos or locas, you’re not crazy. So trying to get around that notion that their issues are not worthwhile getting into therapy because they’re not that bad.” Check out the full story here.

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