Remember The 400 Youth Group Hits The Road To Commemorate First African Slaves


During Anthony Ross’ formative years, his family moved around St. Louis and St. Louis County several times. The one constant in his life was education. His mother encouraged him to do well in school, relying on public schools to teach him about African American history.

Ross said that didn’t happen. His extensive knowledge about St. Louis’ black history and his African ancestors grew out of his own curiosity and his passion for black history.

In 2017, Ross heard about Remember the 400, a youth movement that honors the first 20 or so African slaves that were forcibly shipped to America, arriving in August 1619. The organization also encourages its members to inform communities about the importance of black history. 

Now, as the director of the St. Louis chapter of Remember the 400, Ross, 31, said the group is a way to give back to the youth of St. Louis in a way that not only promotes African American history across the region, but gives hope and a perspective to all youth. Though it is a youth group, members range in age groups. Check out the full story here

By Andrea Henderson, St. Louis Public Radio

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