He Came To Be Part of Healing Ferguson, Now He’s Hoping A Coffee House Will Help

Photo Credit: Jamelle Bouie via WikiMedia Commons

Jonathan Tremaine Thomas is not originally from Ferguson. He’s not even from the St. Louis region or Missouri. Thomas, a North Carolina native, moved here from Indianapolis in 2014, in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing and the ensuing unrest.

The pastor and entrepreneur says he came to Ferguson not in spite of Ferguson’s troubles, but because of them. Thomas, 38, who has long been involved in activism and community work in other cities, wanted to put his skills and experience to use in the healing process. He didn’t expect that he, his wife and their daughter would find a warm welcome.

“Because we were received the way we were, it really makes you feel like, wow, we could be a part of changing this corner of the world,” Thomas said. “Not that it’s an easy job, but people are open and receptive, and obviously there’s a lot of work to be done.” Check out the full story here.

By Holly Edgell, St. Louis Public Radio

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