Photo Exhibit Stirs Memories of ’60s Riots in Hartford and Detroit


Steve Harris climbed the steps to the upper lobby of Hartford Stage. This was a night off for the cast and crew of Detroit ‘67, a theater production set during the civil unrest of late 1960s Detroit.

But Harris, a 71-year-old retired fire captain in Hartford, came to see the photo exhibit inspired by the play. It brought him back to those turbulent times.

“Hartford was….” Harris began to say. He paused. “Whew. … You know, we went from being kind of a calm, just working-class city — to a city that went crazy.”

Detroit, of course, wasn’t the only American city rocked by ‘60s riots. So as a history lesson and community initiative, the Hartford Stage curated a collection of newspaper photographs comparing the unrest in the Motor City to the upheaval in Hartford. The black-and-white images include archival photos from the Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library. Check out the full story.

By Vanessa de la Torre, Connecticut Public 

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