Kansas City memorial is first to honor a Missouri lynching victim

Levi Harrington was lynched on April 3, 1882, in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, Missouri.

That may seem like a long time ago, but after 136 years, the aftermath of racial terror lynchings reverberates today. That’s why lynchings — and Harrington — are being remembered in Kansas City with a new memorial.

The memorial to Levi Harrington is located in the West Bottoms neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. Credit: Mapbox, OpenStreetMap

The story of Levi Harrington provides a compelling example of how racial terror lynchings were routinely carried out prior to Jim Crow.

Harrington, a black man in his 30s at the time of his lynching, was a married father of five who worked as a porter and laborer, according to Geri Sanders, an archivist with the Black Archives of Mid-America who is researching the Harrington story. Check out the full story.

By Michelle Tyrene Johnson, KCUR

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