Grassroots approach boosted black voters’ turnout in primary — What about midterms?


After the August 2018 primaries, it’s clear many people — young, black and progressive — played a major role in helping former Ferguson Councilman Wesley Bell defeat incumbent St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch in the Democratic race.

“We’re saying bye to Bob and ushering in, hopefully, a new era in prosecutor politics,” Rodney Brown said weeks before the primaries. He’s a member of a local committee of young, black progressives called St. Louis Action Council.

“A lot of what St. Louis Action Council is trying to do is create a space where the issues that affect black people and black millennials most, this is a space where those ideas can be nurtured,” Brown said.

The group backed Bell because of his policies on community policing, drug courts and mental health treatment for nonviolent offenders. No Republican is on the Nov. 6 ballot to challenge Bell, so he essentially has the job. Check out the full story.

By Ashley Lisenby, St. Louis Public Radio

Editor’s Note: This story is part of Beyond the Ballot, a four-station series about voter sentiment in the state of Missouri.

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