Family of Ryan Stokes still searches for justice, five years after Kansas City police killed him


Ryan Stokes spent the night he died with friends in Kansas City’s Power and Light entertainment district.

After being accused of stealing a cellphone, Stokes and a friend became the targets of a foot chase that ended when police shot and killed Stokes, who was 24 years old. Accounts of what happened that night, five years ago this week, differ between officers and witnesses.

In the second segment of KCUR’s program Up to Date, Sharing America’s Michelle Tyrene Johnson talks with three women about the answers and justice for which the Stokes family is still waiting.

  • Narene Stokes, Ryan Stokes’ mother
  • Cyndy Short, Stokes family attorney
  • Peggy Lowe, KCUR investigative editor

The segment starts about 20 minutes into the program. Click here to listen.

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